The Soldier Project 10.0

Back to the barracks in a well deserved relaxation before the next offensive. Never is the routine watch left without attendance. More moves to come - and like in every war games, relaxation is just the needed time to clean weapons.



The Soldier Project 9.0


Slowly the soldiers occupy the hills of Lisbon - expanding their conquests to the perifery and the outskirts of the core of the city. Soon are expected more movements, just wait for the unexpected!



Light Art 1.0

The first tryout. Lets see where this is taking me - I assure that no animals where wounded on the construction of this (I wouldn't say quite the same if the velociraptor was still walking nowadays) ;)


The Soldier Project 8.0

The Fall of the Empire

From Monday 3rd until Saturday 8th

The troops rendered at Vienna for the first conquest of many-to-come of the largest european cities. From infiltrating into the sweet confinement of a gift box and an info pole - to the intrusion on the dense jungle of a vase and the slacklining on a yellow bench - to a amphibious assault to the Messepalast.

Together with all the intervention on the Museum Quartier, the troops still advanced to the Stiftskirche and far as Penzig where they dwelled between rubble and DVDs on an videostore. Time was enough to take the tram 58 and to conquer the forest on the Cafe West End on Westbahnhof.

The army is again on the move.


(a) with notable assistance by statamater

The Soldier Project 7.0

Jumping borders

Monday 3rd, between 11am and 4pm

The proud Little Big City of Brati, former Pressburg and court of the hungarians for hundreds of years and now capital of the slovakians, coasted on the shores of the Danube represented easy prey for the squadron of seven soldiers planted around the center.

Two guarding the castle gazing the river and several others scattered downtown - or under the chin of Hans Christian Andersen or around the narrow streets of the burg. The movement of the troops was made under a light rain of August.

Next move : Vienna.


(a) with the collaboration of statamater


The Soldier Project 6.0


Wednesday - 4 days after the assault

7 soldiers remaining of which the scaffold of 3, 2 upside down, one hiding in a construction site and the last one proudly protecting the entrance of a street next to the comic shop nearby. There is also the remainings of another that was cutted in half during an obvious attack but still marks the place like a guardian in red.



The Soldier Project 5.0

Taking it to the streets
Saturday 25th, between 4 and 5 am

Roaming the streets. The thing that was supposed to be a pretty simple task became far more interesting due to the curious fauna Lisbon presents when the night unfolds and soon comes the dawn. I had to deal with an hungry whore, cocaine dealers, angry taxi drivers, an drunk englishman dressed as a penguin, garbage scavengers and suspicious police folk. Also after placing the first group of 4 soldiers and soon after finishing taking pictures of the second one I found myself with a group of 6 spaniards taking a loot of my first batallion. No biggie - they where placed to take as recuerdo afterall ;)


The Soldier Project 4.0

First Urban Assault

First nocturn safari around the streets of downtown Lisbon. 15 soldiers placed between Cais and Santa Catarina on the axis Cais - Flores - Bairro Alto - Bica - Santa Catarina. One single column of 4 and several doubles, an scaffold of 3 and several lonely troops scattered around the block. First move interrupted due to the unexpected lack of bat in the photo gear. Photos resumed as follow. Enjoy.


The tagliatelle assault - before taking the fight to the streets ;)


The Soldier Project 3.0

The Soldier Project 2.0

The Soldier Project 1.0

I'v started the The Soldier Project back in Bristol July 2009 after purchasing a pack of tiny troops from a saleswoman in the Saint Nicholas market. This is the first step to assume other travels in wider and more ambitious projects in the streets. Wait for the pieces - enjoy and follow ;)



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